Wheel Blasting

In order to provide our customers with a full range of competitive products, we, for this type of blasting equipment, offer on basis "best solution with best product" additionally to our own machinery, equipment from C.M. Surface Treatment S.p.A. a well-known european producer.

We ourselves design and manufacture in our works machines with high demands in engineering. Our speciality is peening, blasting of rotation symetric parts and stone industry.

The machines from the Italian producer C.M. Surface Treatment S.p.A. from Modena are well known in die casting industry, and also in the rubber- and glass industries (cleaning of molds).


C.M. is also a specialist of tailor made machines for auto- matic manipulation of mass products.

We deliver machines for blasting of e.g. heavy cast-parts, for trailer chassis or dumpers, for "container-size" components up to installations for blasting contractors handling parts up to a size of 5000x2700mm (heightxwidth) and no restrictions to workpiece length.