Test Center

A team which the daily challenge is to bring solutions to its customers’ needs. Blasting process can be simulated on different types of machines available in the workshop of theTest Center (wheel blasting machines and air blasting room), which allows to get closer to the industrial reality of its customers.
So every year the Austrian Test Center makes possible to its customers to benefit from the experiment of Eder Strahltechnik to optimize their blasting processes.


Park machine made at disposal for customer:

Rotating Table / 1wheel 4Kw (5.5 HP)
Injector blast Cabinets / Pressure: 7 bar (102 PSI)
Over pressure blast cabinet / Pressure: 7 bar (102 PSI)
Eder Strahltechnik Air Blast Room / Pressure: 10 bar (145 PSI)
With a 3 tons capacity of parts
and a blasting chamber dimension 9 x 5.5x 3.5 m


The Austrian Test Center provides to its customer trainings about blasting techniques, which can be done on the Test Center or directly on the customers’ site.
The trainers’ expertise permits every year to advise, to support and to stand by with its customers.