T.E.R. Technical Expertise Report


machine check of superlatives

Developed to optimize and improve performance of your blasting system!

You get all the information about status, attitude, productivity, abrasive operating mix and blasting result of your blast machine.

We monitor your system regularly (for example 1 time / quarter)


Your blasting system is tested in a specially developed process on productivity, attitude and wear.
With the collected data we create for you a T.E.R. Report.
The report will be presented during a presentation.

Our technician informs you of possible improvements, defects or necessary repairs, personal, and in his report.

Your system gets a T.E.R. certification


 • Continuous monitoring of your process flow
 • Early detection of wear and impact
 • Reduction of downtime
 • Repair costs are lowered
 • Consistently effective abrasive operating mix
 • quality assurance of your blasting system
 • Documented support