Suction Units

Our vacuum systems for recovering dust and abrasives provide for efficient and economic use of operating resources and personnel.
With Norclean’s modular design system, solutions that specifically meet customer's needs can be realized.
The product line includes mobile compressed air vacuums, electric vacuums and central vacuum systems.

Compressed air vacuums

Vacuum systems powered by compressed air without any rotating or moving parts installed. The units in this product group are not exposed to normal wear and tear of the vacuum producing motors. Therefore they have a very long lifespan with continuous high performance. The units can only be damaged by misuse and mechanical shock. The norclean compressed air powered vacuum producing motors are close to everlasting.
Compressed air powered vacuum units can suck, collect and recover liquids, humid products as well as dust and granulates. No electric powered parts are included in the products and they can therefore be designed and built to avoid static loading and electric spark building.
The ratio of vacuum and airflow performance to compressed air consumption is very high in norclean built units. This, together with the long lifespan and low service requirement, are totally giving safe and profitable investments in norclean compressed air powered units.

Mobile electric vacuum units

Wheeled single phase and three phase vacuum units. A large number of models with the possibility of choosing the right capacity for most vacuuming problems and applications. Most models can collect dry and wet material without harming the pumps and electric circuits.
The smallest models are equipped with single-phase motors and multistage fans giving high vacuum and airflow output. The bigger models are equipped with single-phase or three-phase side channel or Roots pumps suitable for continuous heavy-duty operation.

Stationary vacuum units

heavy-duty vacuum systems are built to the highest industrial standard. They are of rugged construction and designed to solve tough material collecting problems in most types of industry. With a great number of features included as standard, they can be utilized for various applications without modification. Stationary vacuum systems can be used for pick-up and transportation of granulates, blasting grits and dust. They can be installed as vacuum producers and filter units in central suction systems. Designed, and built to meet the demands of material collection and transport:

  • Vacuum pumps with high capacity of side channel design or Roots three lobe rotor design.
  • Simple operation with possible connection to a great number of standard pre-separation systems.
  • Efficient air filtration in automatically cleaned norclean filter systems.
  • Second stage air filtration in standard cartridge filters or absolute/HEPA filter quality if required.
  • Easy to maintain and service.
  • All norclean vacuum systems are supported by a professional service group.

All CB vacuum models can be supplied with voltage, starting method (direct or Y/D) and control system to customer specification.