Edged, non-chip abrasive based on Ti-alloyed cast iron; cannot be compared with the usual, brittle chilled cast iron. The additive of titan gives Ti-Grit a special toughness (microstructures similar to steel), thus making for a longer lifespan and higher performance. Wear resistant due to compact grain particles, no dust develops when blasting, lower wear and tear on equipment, and lower consumption of abrasives. The targeted surface coarseness and surface texture is optimum for subsequent coatings.

Technical specifications/Analysis

C = 2,9 - 3,2%
Si = 1,0 - 1,4%
Mn = 0,6% min.
S + P = 0,4% max.
Specific weight: 7.30 kg/l
Bulk weight: 3.20 – 4.00 kg/l
Solidity: 770 Hv 1.0 (average value)

The right abrasive for..

Descaling, rust removal, paint removal, deburring, finishing…